The Menu
All prices are in US$, 15% Tax and 10% service charge included.


Parmigiana $ 19.00, -

Sautéed eggplant, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and fresh basil

Marinated Shrimps $ 21.00, -

Sauté with soy sauce and honey, served with herbal mashed potatoes

Parma Ham D.O.C.G.$ 20.00, -

Served with thin sliced melon

Italian Charcuterie board D.O.C.G.$ 22.00, -

Served with roasted peppers and olives

Crispy Calamari$ 19.00, -

Served with basil mayo

Bresaola Fagottino$ 18.00, -

Bresaola, beef carpaccio, philadelhpia cheese, green salad and balsamic glaze


Incanto Salad$ 19.00, -

Green salad, mango, cajun shrimps and balsamic reduction

Mixed Salad$ 16.00, -

Green lattuce, fresh tomatoes, carrots

Chicken Caesar Salad$ 18.00, -

Chicken, romana salad, bacon, parmesan, poached egg, caesar dressing, crouton


Carbonara$ 23.00, -

Spaghetti with Carbonara sauce and crunchy speck

Daily Risotto$ 24.00, -

2 people minimum

Pesto Gnocchi$ 20.00, -

Fresh sauce with basil, pinenuts, garlic, parmesan, pecorino and extra virgin oil

Mediterranean Paccheri$ 20.00, -

Pasta with black olives, capers, fresh tuna, fresh tomatoes

Bolognese Lasagna$ 22.00, -

Lasagna with ragu sauce and bechamel

Tomato Sauce Spaghetti$ 18.00, -

Authentic italian tomatoes and our fresh basil

Lobster Linguine$ 26.00, -

With bisque, tomatoes, brandy flambé

Seared Pistacchio Tuna$ 33.00, -

Served with lime mash potatioes and soy sauce

Catch of the Day$ 35.00, -

Chef's inspiration

Shrimps Skewer$ 33.00, -

Rolled with guanciale, zucchini cream, saffron potatoes sauce

Half Grilled Lobster$ 36.00, -

Served with veggies and mash potatoes

Tagliata$ 31.00, -

8 oz. Striploin served with herb potatoes and red wine reduction

Caramelized Pork$ 28.00, -

In soy and ginger sauce, apple carpaccio, served with zucchini and carrot spaghetti

Paprika Chicken Suprème$ 26.00, -

Slow cooked, served with sauté broccoli and yoghurt sauce


Cheesecake$ 13.00, -

Pannacotta$ 13.00, -

Parfait$ 13.00, -

Tiramisu$ 13.00, -

* Daily Homemade Desserts as per availability.
* All prices are in US$, 15% Tax and 10% service charge included.
* Homemade bread and focaccia basket, US$4.00 included.